Cerridwen Terracotta Altar Statue 8.5"

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A statue is a beautiful way to adorn your altar space, and honor your deities, gods and goddesses. 

Cerridwen -  a powerful Underworld Goddess, Keeper of the Cauldron of knowledge, inspiration and rebirth.  She rules the realms of death, fertility, regeneration, inspiration, magic, enchantment and knowledge. Cerridwen is a shape shifting Goddess, able to take on various forms. She is associated with herbology and astrology. 


    { Details }

    • Beautifully crafted from designer composite resin. 
    • Hand painted and polished individually.
    • Design by Maxine Miller
    • Finish is in earth tone brick terracotta 
    • Measures: 8.5" x 8.5" x 8"



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