Prayer Gemstone Bead Strands (5 Types)

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Prayer beads are wonderful for meditation, mantra, positive affirmation, and manifesting practices. Hold the heads in your hand, and say / think your mantra or intention as you go along each bead. 

{ How do you choose which one to buy? }

  • Gemstones you are drawn to intuitively 
  • Colors which speak to you 
  • Click on each crystal and see if it's what you need in your life

Try: carry your prayer beads in your pocket or bag - you'll always have it with you and can get more regular practice! 

    { Details }

    • 5/8" pentacle
    • 3/4" Tree of Life
    • 9 stone beads 5/16"
    • Pewter
    • Total length is 8"


    { Choose between }

    • 7 Chakra (with Hamsa charm instead of pentacle) 
    • Amethyst  
    • Citrine (heat treated) 
    • Malachite 
    • Rose Quartz 

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