Selenite Point Generator

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Selenite is a good stone for aligning your chakras – it constantly works on and strengthens your aura. It clears your energy field and raises your vibration. Selenite wands are used in healing, they can be pointed at or placed on areas that have inflammation or blockages (physical, mental or spiritual).

Selenite has a high vibration energy that is like pure liquid light. It purifies, cleanses and shifts your aura and energy higher so low vibrational energies (grief, fear, anxiety) are too low to be attracted to you. Selenite will cleanse other crystals too 

{ Points work so well }

  • In manifestation & intentions work to increase the speed 
  • Placed over written intentions to keep them sending to the universe
  • In the center of a crystal grid to amplify the intention 
  • Placed around the home to cleanse & raise the vibration 

{ Details }

  • Approximate size: 3 3/4" - 4" height x 1.5" - 1 3/4" wide
  • Please note the sizes of the generators will vary