Angelica Root Dried (3 Sizes)

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ANGELICA ROOT (Angelica officinalis) 

Angelica is an aromatic biennial herb with large bright green leaves and greenish-white flowers. Angelica root has a warm sweet scent with a hint of licorice.

{ Healing properties of angelica }

Angelica is a warming and tonic remedy. Angelica root is an expectorant Herbalists use angelica root for treating colds, flus and fevers, indigestion, gas, balancing the nervous system

{ Herbal Lore }

The British Flora Medica (1877) reported that angelica was one of the most prized medicinal herbs. 


{ Magickal properties of angelica root }

Use angelica root for spells & rituals involving protection, banishing, healing, protection against negative energy, purification, uncrossing, reversing curses & hexes, lost love, angel work, exorcisms, meditation, divination, luck, inspiration, spiritual protection, facing the unknown 


{ Details }   

  • Dried angelica root
  • For incense mix, burning on charcoal discs, spell work, ritual work, spell bags, spell jars, tea
  • Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place


{ Choose between }

  • 1 oz
  • 2 oz
  • 1 lb

For information on angelica root, including Lore, Ritual & Healing, visit the blog post here (coming soon!) 

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