Florida Water

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Florida water is a popular cologne with a blend of lemon, orange and lavender essential oils. 

Please note, Florida Water is flammable - do not place on a candle or near a flame. 


{ Magickal properties }

Florida Water has a wide range of use in spells & rituals.

  • Purification of your altar and sacred space of negative energy
  • Cleansing tools and equipment - wipe them down
  • Offerings and ancestor work
  • Floor washes
  • Blessing a new home  - to bring abundance and good luck to the home, use a combination of Florida water, basil and rue to anoint floors, windows and doorways. 
  • Spiritual bathing  - a few drops in a bath before any ritual will clear negative energy and protect you.
  • Protection - after a shower or bath, ritually dab drops on your head, neck, heart and feet for protection.
  • Make a spray to use in the home or office to encourage calmness and happiness.
  • Wash your hands after contact with negative or draining people.
  • Anoint your petitions.


 ( Healing properties }

  • Calming, relieves depression
  • Removes heavy and negative energy and vibrations 
  • Helps aching muscles
  • Relieves sunburn
  • Relived insect bites


{ Details }

  • 7 1/2 oz bottle