Ritual & Spell Bath Complete Ready To Go Kits (10 Types)

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This is perfect for baby witches and beginners, as a gift for a friend or for yourself when there is a specific intention in mind. 


{ Details }

  • The Ritual Bath Kits have everything you need for 2 ritual baths.  
  • Everything you need for the ritual will be included, including bath salts, 2 colored candles, candle holder, and detailed step by step instructions. 


{ Choose between }

  • Air - For intellect, communication, clear thoughts, travel, wisdom, and for increasing connectivity to the air element. 
  • Fire - For courage, passion, ambition, will power, purification, magick, and for increasing the connectivity to the fire element.
  • Earth - For fertility, money, stability, grounding, promote peace, and for increasing connectivity to the earth element.
  • Water - For love, dreams, psychic abilities, healing, intuition, compassion, and for increasing connectivity to the water element.
  • Spirit - For increased awareness, furthering magickal craft, opening spirit to the energies around, and connectivity to the spiritual realm.
  • Healing - For assisting in the quick healing of ailments, and the prevention of illness in all forms, physical spiritual and mental. 
  • Love -  For helping you to give the call out to the world for love and beauty. 
  • Protection - For providing both magical and physical security, and banishing negative energies. 
  • Purification - For assisting in the breaking off of all negative past influences, for a fresh start. 
  • Prosperity - For opening your world to all possibilities of good fortune, prosperity and abundance.