Charme et Sortilege Spell Packets (25 Types)

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Charme et Sortilege Spell & Ritual Components come with detailed information cards printed in English and French. All Spell & Ritual components are consecrated to be energetically pure and contain only the influence and power of the ingredient contained within. .

 { Details }

  • Charme et Sortilege spell packets
  • Contain the finest grade ingredients
  • Made in Canada
  • For incense mix, burning on charcoal discs, spell work, ritual work, spell bags, spell jars
  • Store in a tightly sealed container in a cool, dark place


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  • Adam & Eve - love, attraction, relationships (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Anti Hex - protection against negative spells, reversing (0.5 oz powder)
  • Bat Head Root - divination to receive visions 
  • Bewitching Seduction - to captivate and charm, promote sexual attraction (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Black Cat Powder - gambling, chance, lottery, reverse bad luck (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Black Cat Bone - attract luck, create powerful amulets for business and money (contains a bone fragment)
  • Blessing - to bless a place, baby, new venture (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Black Salt - defense against evil, protection, banishment, psychic barriers (47g salt)
  • Cast Off Evil! - get rid of bad habits, influences, evil companions (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Coffin Nails - banishment, uncrossing, reversing black magic (6g nails)
  • Cowries Shells - divination, clairvoyance, libido, fertility, money (24g shells)
  • Devil's Shoestrings - to restrain enemies, stops lies & gossip, tie down negative powers (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Dragon's Blood - strength, power, purification, enhances (13g resins)
  • Dove's Blood - true love, reinforce a promise (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Forgive & Forget - forget past problems, fights, break ups and fall in love again (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Graveyard Dust - invoking the spirits of the dead, love, sleeping charm, protection, blocking enemies (13g)
  • Guiding Spirit - connect you to spirit guides and ancestors (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Hot Foot - drive away unwanted people, stop unwanted people entering your house (0.5 oz, powder)
  • Lucky Hand Root - amulet, protect from harm, gambling, luck
  • Mojo Beans - wishing, luck, desires, fulfillment (38g)
  • Pink Rice - love, sensuality, erotic dreams, sexual happiness, sexual potency (38g)
  • Red Brick Dust - consecration, protection, prosperity, money, luck (22g)
  • Salt Petre - to maintain a romantic partner, stimulates loyalty and connection, sexual relations, heart relations, purification, banishment 
  • Sulfur Powder - natural barrier against dark arts, exorcisms, protection, 
  • Van Van - cleanse items and areas from negative energies (0.5 oz, powder)


    Please note, all information on herbs is given for educational purposes only