The Chakra Journal (Vegan Leather)

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Put aside time in the morning that is just for you. Make yourself a morning coffee, sage yourself and your surroundings, light some incense, sit with your journal, and write down your thoughts, affirmations & gratitude.

This journal will become your best friend, an intrinsic part of your self-care and spiritual journey. Use it as a Journal for:

  • Gratitude
  • Dreams
  • Mood
  • Goals
  • Thoughts
  • Affirmations

Beautifully illustrated throughout with images inspired by the seven chakras, The Chakra Journal offers an invaluable guide to the practices and symbolism associated with these sacred centers of bodily and spiritual energy. Featuring gorgeous geometric illustrations and ample space for writing notes and recording inspirations, the journal provides useful information on all the various aspects of each of the chakras, including their physical properties and the spiritual qualities they are associated with. 

  • Archival paper 
  • Vegan Leather 
  • The 192 lined, acid-free pages made from recycled paper take both pen and pencil nicely
  • The 4.5 x 7.5–inch back pocket is perfect for holding precious mementos